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About Us

Founded in 1994, Strategic Placement Services, Inc., is an executive search firm devoted to servicing life science companies throughout the greater Boston area. Our clients range in size from early stage, pre-clinical, venture capital backed start-ups to global, multi-product publicly traded commercial corporations.

The hiring process for an employer and effective career management for an employee can be frustrating, difficult and often inefficient. Since the mid 1980’s, the Principals of Strategic Placement Services have been partnering with financial leadership with the goal of improving the recruitment and search process. Our approach is predicated on active business partnering with a long-term professional relationship as the desired outcome. With a commitment to a “best practices” methodology, a relationship with Strategic Placement Services is both beneficial and professionally rewarding.

By staying current on market conditions, recognizing the evolving life sciences industry and focusing on high growth and high demand areas, we ensure our candidates maintain a competitive advantage in an ever-changing employment market. To an employer we deliver time sensitive, value-added services from engagement initiation through candidate closure. We make it our business to know your business. Whether you are an early stage clinical company building infrastructure, a recent public registrant with new reporting and compliance requirements, or a company preparing for a commercial product launch, Strategic Placement Services has demonstrated experience servicing your financial leadership needs.

With over sixty-five years of combined search experience in the placement industry, our Principals are proud to lead one of the region’s premier specialty search firms.